A New Cold Plasma Apparatus To Kill Cancer Cells In Colon Cancer

A New Cold Plasma Apparatus To Kill Cancer Cells In Colon Cancer

A new cold plasma device, Canady Helios Cold Plasma Scalp, developed by the US Medical Innovations (USMI) family of companies, was used in a patient diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer. The procedure was performed under a Compassionate Use exemption from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after USMI’s application.

Plasma is an ionized gas that when generated at low temperatures is called cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) and does not cause thermal damage to the tissue. CAP contains charged particles, oxygen and nitrogen radicals and UV radiations that chemically interact with cancer cells selectively inhibiting cancer cell growth and migration both in culture (in vitro) and in animal models.

The new apparatus aims at eradicate persistent cancer cells at the surgical margin when used together with Canady Hybrid Plasma Scalpel, a device in use since 2011 that enables the surgeon to operate at low temperatures reducing blood loss and improving wound healing.

The surgery with USMI’s Canady Helios Cold Plasma Scalp was performed at Baton Rouge General Medical Center by Dr. Stephen V. Gordon and supervised by Dr. Jerome Canady. Besides the surgery, treatment included preoperative chemo and radiation therapies to cytoreduce (shrink) the tumor. The team responsible for the entire procedure consisted of healthcare professionals, physicians, engineers and scientists who have collaborated over a 12-month period to plan this first trial of Canady Helio Cold Plasma Scalp.

Several Consulting Scientists to the USMI family of companies, including Michael Keidar, the co-inventor of the technology, also contributed to reach the use of CAP during surgery. “For years we’ve worked tirelessly in a global race-against-time to leverage innovative plasma technologies in the pursuit of the cure for cancer. As other research teams based in Germany, Japan, Korea and elsewhere continue to pursue this research in the lab, we are proud to be the first to utilize cold plasma technology in a surgical device within a clinical setting to prolong the life of this remarkable patient,” commented Dr. Canady.

After FDA’s approval for Compassionate Use, the USMI family of companies will submit an application for an FDA approval of commercial use or marketing authorization within the coming months.

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