Colon Cancer Alliance Launches “Screen This Too!” Awareness Campaign in October

Colon Cancer Alliance Launches “Screen This Too!” Awareness Campaign in October

shutterstock_131477771The Colon Cancer Alliance is concerned that women are not being as preventive with colon cancer as they are with breast cancer. In response, they are launching a campaign called Screen This Too!, in order to motivate women to become more aware of their colon health, as well as raise awareness and prevention about the third deadliest cancer for females, which kills about 24,000 women every year.

October has become the pink month, since there are many initiatives dedicated to breast cancer awareness, one of the reasons the association is willing to call attention for colon cancer as well.

Even though about three quarters of American females report that they follow the screening guidelines regarding breast cancer, the same is not true when it comes to colon cancer, with only approximately 55% of women admitting that get their colon checked. However, a relationship between the two diseases exists, since, according to the National Cancer Institute, breast cancer patients experience an increased risk of 20 to 80% from developing colon cancer as well, when compared to other patients.

“Just like breast exams, colon cancer screenings can save your life,” stated the COO of the Colon Cancer Alliance, Jasmine Greenamyer in a Globe News Wire press release. “This is not an ‘old man’s disease’ as some may think. Studies show men and women are diagnosed at nearly equal rates. Don’t put it off — when you head to the doctor for your annual checkup, be sure to tell your medical team to Screen This Too!

“It is imperative that the conversation about breast cancer and colon cancer continues. The message to patients needs to be to take charge of your overall health. Preventive screenings can save your life,” Greenamyer believes, as the Colon Cancer Alliance is also asking the community to do whatever they can to help raise awareness about the disease, during the month of October, especially in the social networks and with the materials available at the alliance website.

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